End of month sale

Dear Gauls,

we celebrate the end of the month with a sale!
Following items will be available in the market with a 30% discount:

> Wednesday: Feathers, Pirate captain helmets, Water Pict tridents
> Thursday: Gemstone daggers, Lobsters, Incredible potions of first strike
> Friday: Golden Viking Shields, Gemstone Spears, Salt

In addition, when you buy packages of 1800 or more Roman helmets, you receive 25% bonus helmets! This bonus does not apply to special offers.
As if this wasn’t enough, there is also a 30% discount on bags so that your inventory has enough space for your purchases!
The sale starts on Wednesday at 5 pm (CET) and ends on Saturday at 4:59 pm (CET)!

Your Asterix & Friends Team