Current situation – next updates, bug fixing and new game content

Dear Gauls!

It has been a while since you heard some news from us, so we would like to inform you about the current state of the game and upcoming changes and fixes.

As you might know, we had to recreate the whole game with new technology (the Unity engine) because of the end of the lifetime of the Adobe Flash Player. This huge task is almost finished. The remake, already on Web ( and FB, contains all relevant features of the Flash version, but some bugs and issues remain to be solved.

In order to implement exciting new features, we also need to release the new game version on Android and iOS, so that we have the same code base on all platforms. Once the mobile versions are released, all players will be able to be in the same chat again.

Several teams are working on different aspects of the game, so you can expect the following things in the next weeks:

1. Bugs fixing: a team is dedicated to fixing the remaining bugs: refresh errors, UI improvements, and Centurion Punch as well as other bugs.

2. Mobile versions: apart from the iOS and Android versions, we are working on a version running on Amazon devices.

3. New features: in the next days we will give you a glimpse of the exciting new content in a series of posts. Your feedback from the test server has been invaluable, so once these features are ready, we will put them on the test server, so you can give us your feedback.

When will all this happen? The bug fixing is coming along, so we hope to release a new version for web and FB within the next two weeks. With the mobile builds, we still need to resolve two major issues before we can go into an open beta test, hopefully within 3 weeks.
The new features will take a little longer. We are still working on the code and graphic assets as well as getting the approvals from the licensor, so we tentatively project these for July.

Thank you again for your patience. We know that it wasn’t easy for you, but we believe that you will really enjoy the game and the new features.

Your Asterix & Friends team