Current situation: End of Flash & solutions

Dear Gauls,

while we are working on the Unity version and hopefully starting the open test phase (BETA test) soon, the end of life of the flash version is moving closer inexorably.

This is the current situation:

– For the Flash player itself, there is a grace period until the 12th of January – after that, it will definitely cease working.
– For Facebook, our current info is that most likely the current Flash version of Asterix & Friends on Facebook will no longer be working on January, 1st.
– It is possible that we won’t be able to release the new Unity version in time on the 1st of January but a few days later.

What does that mean for the players of the different versions?

Mobile (Android and iOS) – Nothing will change for mobile players at the moment – the game will continue working on mobile.

Web (playing via – For web users, our partner Xsolla, who is already providing the account and payment system for that version, has provided a so-called “launcher”. It is a program with an integrated Flash player, that opens a separate window, where you can log in and play Asterix & Friends as usual.
You can download this launcher here:

Facebook (connected to mobile) – If you have connected your Facebook village with mobile (Android and iOS), you can continue playing that village on your mobile device until the new Unity version of the game (without Flash) is running on Facebook again.

Facebook (pure “Facebook village”) – If you only have your village on Facebook, we offer the following fallback solution:
1.) Playing on mobile
Until the new Unity version is live on Facebook, you can of course also play with your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. Simply download the app in the appropriate store, play the tutorial and then connect the game to Facebook to load your existing village. As soon as the game is available again on Facebook, you can continue playing there as well.

2.) Move to web version
You can also play Asterix & Friends directly on our website or with the new launcher. For this, your village has to be relocated and – importantly – is then no longer available on smartphones or tablets for the time being.

For the move, you have to visit in your browser and click on the blue button “Login with Facebook-Login”. Now, a new “web village” will be created (web, in this case, means: playing via the website). In order to be able to continue playing your Facebook village instead of the new village, please write a message to our support team, either via mail to or via the ticket form: (click on “Submit a request” in the top right corner). Please include the name of your old Facebook village and the newly created village in your message to the support. We will then swap the villages so that you can continue to play your old Facebook village via In this case, you will also be able to use the launcher which we mentioned above (under “Web”) in case you can’t start the game in the browser anymore.

We are working hard to publish the new Unity version as soon as possible but are asking you to bear with us if it takes a few days longer. We have taken the above mentioned measures to ensure, that no player has to go without his village for several days.

Your Asterix & Friends Team