Centurion Punch available!

Hello Gauls,

Centurion Punch is finally available to players of the Unity version!

Unfortunately, Centurion Punch isn’t bug-free: For example, the flight of centurions is slower and doesn’t behave as intended, while boost items also work differently, since they don’t lift the centurion, and only add more momentum. The quest “Centurion Punch Tournament” can’t be completed either. But we decided that it’s better to release this version of Centurion Punch than letting the players wait any longer.

Bugs and issues of the Unity version, including the imperfections of Centurion Punch, will be fixed as soon as possible.
More information about future updates, like an update of the mobile app, which will resolve the chat issues between all platforms, and the new features we are working on, will follow soon. Thank you for your patience!

Your Asterix & Friends team