The BETA of the remaster web version of Asterix & Friends is here!

After many months of work, we are able to present the Beta of the web version of Asterix & Friends, which will no longer require the Adobe Flash Player!
This version of the “remaster” contains all major features of the current web version. Before we are able to release a final version of the remaster, we need your help to thoroughly test the beta version and find bugs and mistakes.

You can find access to the beta version on our special website:
There you will be able to log in with your usual login credentials without additional downloads. The beta version is only accessible via that website.

Please note that you are not playing on the LIVE server but on a BETA server, which is using a copy of your villages. This means that all progress, that you are doing during the beta test, will be lost at the end of the beta. So please make sure not to neglect your village on the LIVE servers!

Eligible for the beta test is every player, that registers on for the web version of the game. Players of the Facebook- , Android- and iOS-Versions as well as players playing the game via third party websites, will not be able to participate in this test. We will later update these versions based on the remaster.

Beta testers will be able to test everything that is possible in the current version of the beta. Furthermore, beta testers that report at least one bug can look forward to a reward next month.

To report bugs, please use the bug report form posted on our beta page only – don’t use the support tickets for this.

Beta testers should keep their eyes open and regularly check our beta website for beta news. We will keep you updated about our work on the beta and inform you about maintenances, new versions, and bug fixes.

For questions regarding the beta version, our Community Manager Endorphine and a beta channel on Discord will be available.

After we finished the work on the web version, which had top priority this year due to the end of the lifetime of Adobe Flash, we will focus on new features and improvements, which our game design team is already preparing based on your feedback!

We assure you that soon events will be back in the game and that the long wait will be worth it. We would like to thank you for your loyalty over the years and all your support. Stay safe!

Your Asterix & Friends team