Asterix & Friends Update 23 – 29.07.2014

Features – Guild Level and Buffs
• A new currency – guild XP – drops when fighting against Romans and participating in village brawls.
• All members of a guild can collect guild XP to level up the guild! There are 30 levels in total.
• A new guild level unlocks a mighty bonus that helps you and your friends against the Romans. The unlocked bonus affects all members of the guild.
• In the guild overview you can see how many guild XP each member has collected for the guild.

Features – Guild Tournament

• The guild tournament will start with live update 23 and ends every two weeks.
• You participate in the guild tournament by brawling against other villages in the village brawl.
• The guild score is the sum of all active attacking and defending villages in your guild.
• The guild score resets at the end of the tournament – all guilds have to start from zero again.
• No rewards yet at the end of the tournament – these will be implemented later.

Features – other
• We added a visual indicator (green outline) for building upgrades/villager trainings when you have collected all necessary items to start the upgrade.
• There is a new wave animation for the water in Gaul.
• A permanent Gaul outpost (resistance points) can now be constructed without having bought a temporary outpost before.

• New achievement: “collect guild XP”
• 8 new quests.
• 2 new items: Egyptian fish can now be caught in egyptian fishing grounds – you can use it to cook a nice Egyptian fish stew at the tavern – use it as merchandise.
• 2 new villager trainings now available for each villager (except for the druid) to increase their strength.


• Maximum strength of legions slightly increased (high level players have to deal with stronger legions).
• Increased weapon durability of the following weapons: poor sword, whip, balanced spear.
• All items in the game that you can craft at workshops can now be bought with roman helmets in the market.
• Items in the market no longer have a level restriction.
• Attack screen: the strength of your villagers against is now the sum of the villager strength and the “villager bonus”. Previously it was displayed without including the “villager bonus”.

• Added a tooltip to the brawl weapon in the village brawl dialog (you can now see the weapon stats of the weapon of your opponent during the brawl).
• The game no longer resets guild settings when guild name/abbreviation is invalid (when creating or updating guilds).
• Fixed issue where the upgrade Roman helmet icon (button) was overlaid by other buildings.
• Messages that include an URL-Link (or a long word without breaks) are now displayed correctly in the received message.
Possibly fixed – issues are under observation:
• It’s possible that 2 legions spawn within a short period of time. We are not sure what causes this issue – any information on this might help us in our investigation.
• Issue with delivery of mails: sometimes mails don’t arrive in a player’s inbox right away. This is possible with mails sent by other players, but also with system messages (level up, resistance level reward, etc.)
• It’s possible that client and server are out of sync regarding item drops which can lead to an error.
• Sometimes a “unique not set” error occurs when loading the game.
• Error when receiving mails while having lots of actions queued.

Known issues:
• External buildings may be blocked despite the Roman camps having been defeated (could be the reason why certain quests and/or achievements cannot be completed). This issue might not be visible in the game – the game shows an error when you encounter it.
• Statistics for brawls won and lost (as defender) are not correctly displayed in statistics category tab “village brawls”. A game refresh is needed to see the correct PvP defender statistics. Same goes for the PvP achievement “win x brawls as a defender”.
• It’s not possible to store more than 20 brawl report mails (+ brawl rewards) in your inbox. Don’t forget to pick up your brawl rewards as soon as possible!
• Constructed Outposts in Egypt and in Gaul might not display the correct amount of time left – please refresh your browser once in a while to prevent server-client syncing issues (especially when you are planning to extend the outpost time).
• Rarely, a quest line quest (Asterix or Obelix quest lines) cannot be completed although the client is already showing the rewards. You have to complete all objectives to get the rewards (you can see the objective list in the quest portrait tooltip on the left side).
• One time Roman helmet offer that triggers with a level up are not available in the regular Roman helmet market. Please start the paying process in the dialog that triggers with the level up (to get the bonus roman helmets).
• [chat] Sometimes, the connection to a specific chat room fails – you have to refresh the game in this case.
• [chat] You disconnect from the chat server completely when you try to connect to a chat room that is already full. Unfortunately, the information if a chat room is full or not is not displayed in the game. You have to refresh the game to reconnect to the chat server (you get transferred automatically to a room that isn’t full yet).
• The “building upgrades bought” statistic of players who have been inactive for a very long time is not correct under certain circumstances. The statistic is counting building upgrades AND completed villager trainings, whereas your own building upgrade statistic is only counting the building upgrades WITHOUT the villager trainings. (the player with the display issue has to log into the game at least once in order to update the building upgrade statistic).
• [facebook] Facebook share text does not differentiate between legions attacking you and legions attacking others.
• Sometimes the game shows an error when unloading the cargo ship.
• [mail] level up overflow mails are not marked as “unread”.

Known issues (guild):
• Guild banner, name and invitation setting changes are not immediately effective for other players or guild members. They have to wait a few minutes until the changes are visible on the friendsmap.
• New guild members who have joined a guild are not visible on the friendsmap right away. Wait a few minutes or refresh the game to see the member on the friendsmap.