Android – Open beta announcement

Dear Gauls,

starting from today, 16.06.2021, Android players can enter the “open beta program” for the new Android version.
Testers will be able to play on the LIVE server and progress with their village as usual.

For this, players have to open “Asterix & Friends” in the Google Play store. Then they have to scroll down and find “Register for the beta program”. After clicking “Participate”, wait approx. 15 minutes. Then the title on the A&F store page will change to “Asterix & Friends (Beta program)” and the game can be updated. Since installing the old version again causes the game to start with a new village, we suggest that only players who connected their village with Facebook Connect should take part.

Encountered bugs and other feedback can be reported via this form:, you can also find the link on our website.

Testers who report at least once via the form will receive a gift after we completed the testing process.

To get the old version back: leave the beta in the Play Store, uninstall the game there, wait ca. 15 min until the “(BETA)” in the title is gone and after that, install the game again.

Anyway, we thank you for your big support!

Your Asterix & Friends team