How do I fight against the romans?

The fight against the Romans is divided into two areas. First of all, it is important to crush all the Roman legions and patrols around your village, so you can reach the important buildings like the southern farm or the stone pit.

But, Rome is not your friend and is constantly sending legions against you. It will be your task to defeat them before they reach your village.

It is important to know that a legion always has some life points and strength. Life points indicate the entire strength of the legion . The strength defines how strong your villagers have to be in order to even have a chance of winning against the Romans.


In this example, you can see that you and your friends need to carry off 100 life points by always bringing at least a strength of 26 to the battlefield.

The same system is used in the village view. If you hover over a patrol or a legion, you will see the strength you have to defeat. If your villagers are lower than the strength of your opponent, it is not recommended to start a fight.