Update on the current situation

Dear players of Asterix & Friends,

today was a difficult day for all of us. Our scheduled maintenance took longer as expected and even afterwards we had to disable the login for the users of our web version (who play via asterix-friends.com) several times. This evening another issue arose, which made the web and Facebook version inaccessable for about 2 hours.

We are aware that this was a frustrating experience for you and we would like to apologize for this deeply.

As we informed you earlier, we had to migrate the complete account system of the web version (for users playing via asterix-friends.com) short-term to another service provider (Xsolla), since the old provider (the IBS/GCP system of Telekom) will cease their service at May, 1st.

Unfortunately, taking over a game from another developer is often a task with many pitfalls. The game code and server infrastructure have been growing “organically” over the past few years and are not documented perfectly everywhere. Although we tested the new system thoroughly on our testing environments, we encountered unforeseen problems after deploying the code to the LIVE servers.

The servers are now back online and login is possible with the following restrictions:

  • If you are playing for the first time since the account system change you’ll need to request a new password via email. If you have no longer access to your inbox or just do not get the confirmation e-mail please contact our customer support at support@asterix-friends.com
  • Purchases of Roman Helmets are currently not possible inside the game.
  • We have reports that some users get an error, asking them to install Adobe Flash even though they have already installed it. We can’t reproduce this error but suspect that it is related to the fact that we released a new Flash Client. Please consult our FAQ on how to activate Flash in your browser (https://www.asterix-friends.com/en/adobe-flash). Further to that some users have reported that emptying the browser cache or simply restarting the PC has fixed the issue.

We would like to assure all users, who play the game via our website asterix-friends.com, that we are working hard to provide a fix both for the issue with the wrong language as well as the deactivated payment as soon as possible. It might still take a few more days until we can put it live. We will strive to avoid such long downtimes as today and to provide a better game experience for you.

As we announced earlier this migration was just one of the first steps to grow Asterix & Friends again. Now that we can deploy new game clients again we will soon start new events. We are also working on new contents and features (among them the ability to play the same village on Mobile and Web) until we will release the Remaster Version (based on the Unity Engine) towards end of the year.

We would like to thank all of you for your patience. You should find a small compensation for your inconvenience in your ingame inbox within the next minutes.

We hope you will stay with Asterix & Friends despite today’s issues.