New beta build version available! 01/08/2021

Dear Gauls,

please test, if possible with your village, all functions and features of this new build version that have already been tested on the beta server again. Please continue to use the form provided for the tests to report an error:

Your Asterix & Friends Team

New beta build version available! 01/07/2021

Dear Gauls,

thanks for your bug reports!
The following changes have been made to the beta version with the latest build version:
– various bugfixes (including the bug that allowed game objects to pass through obstacles)

If possible with your village, please test all functions and features that have already been tested again and check whether the mentioned issues are resolved. Please continue to use the form provided for the tests to report an error:

Your Asterix & Friends Team

All languages available & Roman helmets! 01/05/2021

Dear Gauls!
Thank you for your support by testing on our beta server! It’s really appreciated!
You can now test the beta in the same language you play on the LIVE servers and not English only.
Additionally, we have sent all players on the remaster beta server a huge amount of Roman helmets for testing all features.
Don’t forget to report bugs via the bug report form.
Your Asterix & Friends Team

Welcome to the BETA tests of the Remaster A&F web version! 12/31/2020

Dear Gauls,
here we go – you can test the beta from now on, provided you have registered via by December 24.
You can use your login credentials from the “normal” game to log in.
Please note: Your progress on the beta server will not be reflected after the beta ends. So take care of your LIVE villages, which you can continue to play normally via

Status of the current beta version:
The following game content is not yet integrated:
Centurion throwing
Race through Italy

Please only use the following form for your bug reports: (here)

You can find the already known issues below.
We’ll keep you informed about progress here in the news on the beta page.

Have fun!
Your Asterix & Friends Team

Known Problems of Remaster BETA web version 12/28/2020

All known errors of the current Remaster BETA web version are noted here. This list is constantly updated so that you can check whether the bug you have found is already known and save yourself the work of filling out the form.

Last updated on December 30th 2020

– Some animations are still missing or don’t work properly
– Some sound effects are still missing or don’t work properly
– After fighting a roman patrol, the music gets turned on even though it was turned off before. The music button gets displayed as muted.
– Some special effects are still missing or don’t work properly
– You can zoom in too close and can’t zoom out enough
– The camera on the friends map needs adjustment.
– Some interface elements, icons, and pop-up graphics are not scaled properly yet. Also, they are pixelated
– Village icons on friends map are pixelated.
– It might happen that two village icons on your friends map overlap
– Colored Outlines (when hovering over objects) still include the object’s shadow. If the avatar is standing in front of the object, it will cover the avatar while being hovered over
– “Layer Issues” – Characters can move across buildings, Romans are stuck with their heads in woods or fields, etc.
– It might happen that small roman figures overlap with the normal-sized figures on the battle screen
– When hovering over an outpost, the “Camp Return Counter” will be displayed.
– Some tooltips are still missing or don’t work properly
– Click-Sound sounds weird. It will interrupt the music for a second.
– Tutorial-Quest “Name it”: After taking the chiefs Quest “Name it”, a blue exclamation mark will pop up in the upper left corner of the ocean. The quest direction pointer will also point in this direction.
– When harvesting resources too fast, it might happen that the harvesting animation gets stuck and the avatar becomes unmovable. A restart fixes the issue.
– While traveling to Egypt you may encounter graphical glitches on the World Map
– The Palace Progress-O-Meter may occur as an interface element BEFORE you’ve visited Egypt for the first time.
– It may happen that Egyptian workers don’t offer any quests. A reload fixes this issue.
– Tutorial works generally fine, just needs few adjustments
– Brawl Tutorial works generally fine, just needs few adjustments